Initial Grassroots Referee Classes – October 2023

This is the class for all officials getting certified for the first time.

Please remember that the minimum age to certify is 13 years old. This is the required age from US Soccer and the system will not allow anyone who is not already 13 years old to create an account.

There are multiple steps that must be completed in order to receive the Grassroots Referee License:

  1. Register with the US Soccer Learning Center – click your preferred webinar date below for instructions on registration.
  2. Complete online training modules in the US Soccer Learning Center BEFORE the webinar you registered for.
  3. Attend the webinar – webinar link will be posted in the Course Details and distributed in the Communication tab.
  4. Attend an on-field training session in your local area – this will be done some time after your webinar and further details are listed below and will be distributed after webinar completion.

Once all four of these activities are completed, the candidate will receive their referee badge and have their registration processed and will be ready to officiate.

Online Training Modules

There are five online modules that MUST be completed BEFORE attending the webinar. Three of these are completed by ALL candidates while the other two are completed by only those 18 years or older.

Following registration, all of these modules can be found under the Assignments tab in the course information. The course can be accessed by hovering over the Courses tab at the top of the US Soccer Learning Center and then clicking My Courses.

  1. Online Referee Course – these modules will introduce the candidates to the Laws of the Game. Please Note – these modules will take a minimum of 3-4 hours to complete.
  2. Referee Quiz – after completing the first module, this quiz needs to be taken
  3. Introduction to Safe & Healthy Playing Environments
  4. Laws of the Game Update 2023-24
  5. SafeSport – only required for those 18 years or older
  6. Background Screening – only required for those 18 years or older. Please Note – the background screening can take as much as 7-10 business days to come back so please complete this as soon as possible. While you will be able to attend the webinar while it is pending, it must come back BEFORE you attend a field session.

All modules MUST be completed by 8am on the Monday BEFORE your scheduled webinar. Any candidate who has not completed all modules by that time, will be moved to an ongoing course in the Learning Center until the modules are complete and then they can be moved to a future scheduled webinar.

Please remember, these dates/times are for the online webinar ONLY. Dates/time for on-field training will be arranged separately in your local area.