Our Mission

Cainhoy Athletic Soccer Club is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is player development on and off the field. We provide facilities and quality coaching without prejudice to our entire constituency, allowing youth to develop physically, socially, and emotionally through the game of soccer, with special emphasis on sportsmanship.

Club Values

Cainhoy Athletic Soccer Club is organized as a nonprofit corporation under South Carolina law to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes without regard to race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin. The Club is organized to develop and promote the growth of and appreciation for, the game of soccer by providing opportunities for the youth of the Charleston area to participate in organized programs of soccer by instilling the following values:

Fair Play – Players, coaches and parents will be encouraged to demonstrate Fair Play in every game and every practice and behavior contrary to Fair Play will not be tolerated.

Club – Create a club atmosphere that encompasses more than high quality soccer but also embraces a culture where family and community is valued. Service to others is part of the process.

Player Development – Players are developed to their fullest potential

Parental Responsibilities – Parents will support their players and coaches, establish with the coach a philosophy and direction compatible with the aspirations of the players, parents, coaches and club.

Diversity – Every player and their family shall have an equal opportunity to participate on Cainhoy Athletic teams regardless of race, creed, color, sex or national or ethnic origin.

Accessibility – Make participation accessible to all on the basis of capacity by every appropriate means; every child will have the opportunity to try out and play regardless of economic background through full or partial scholarships as deemed necessary through a ‘needs based’ self-assessment.

photo of 2010 LYSA Fall Champions


“satus quod perago validus”

Latin phrase which translates to “start and finish strong”


Our club crest depicts images that reflect two key elements of Cainhoy’s rich history. Early industry on the Cainhoy peninsula included brick making, with clay from the Wando basin used to manufacture the bricks and we reflect this in our emblem. After a fire destroyed much of the city of Charles Town in 1713, the Assembly required that all new buildings were to be constructed of brick only. This of course caused a boom in the brick making industry and much of this existed along the banks of the Wando River.

The most powerful and recognizable image on our shield is our horse. In the 1940’s, philanthropist, publisher, and horseman Harry Frank Guggenheim (1890-1971) owned a large part of our region and he drew upon his love for the area with the renaming of his thoroughbred racing facilities to Cain Hoy Stable in 1943. To this day there are many fine stables and horses seen along our country roads and many dream of emulating Harry’s highest achievement of winning the Kentucky Derby in 1953 with Dark Star.