Player Refund Policy

Recognizing that circumstances and family/player decisions from time to time might provide reason to withdraw from playing on a given team and CASC within the soccer year, our organization has provided this document to help explain what fees are returned in the event of withdrawal from any of our programs.


Up until activities start, a $50 administrative fee is withheld per player.

After play starts, no refunds are available at this level.


At all levels of play, several costs are incurred (and paid) by the club at the start of the year to provide higher levels of coaching, leagues, and facilities that must be withheld in addition to our registration and administrative costs paid to Registration Service and parent Affiliating Organization upon initial registration. Teams are generally formed for the year (fall and spring) and installment payments reflect this when selected as payment vehicle upon registration.

Up until teams have been formed and announced, a $100 registration fee is withheld per player (remainder refunded). After teams have been formed and play starts, the $100 registration fee is non-refundable.

An additional $100 to cover the fixed costs invested at the start of the season is withheld on each player’s behalf.


if a child joins our Junior Academy program in the summer, annual cost will reflect $650. If the family selected to pay in in installments but decided to leave the team in the spring, the second installment ($225) would be cancelled ($325 spring part minus $100 for net refund of $225).


  • In the event of catastrophic or season ending injury to a player, only the $100 registration fee and a pro-rated season charge is applied up until the date of said injury.
  • In the event a family moves outside of a 50-mile radius of Charleston, only the $100 registration fee and a pro-rated season charge is applied up until the date of move.

Should a family decide to withdraw due to financial condition, we would encourage you to contact the Club and seek financial help or scholarship. We will provide any funding necessary, as part of our mission, to support every child the opportunity to remain with their team for the remainder of the year (and beyond).