Team Managers

Each team representing Cainhoy Athletic will need a person (or more) designated to manage the operations of the team. In some cases this may be the coach and will be decided on a team by team basis. These duties can be split; this information is intended to inform and help each team understand the responsibilities rather than dictate how specifically they are managed and by whom.

Certain activities and fee collection is managed at the team level and club leadership will rely on appointed (volunteer) individuals to perform the following duties.

  • Collect contact data and emergency details for each player (maintain roster and inform club)
  • Work with coach to establish level of competition and select appropriate tournaments
  • Collect money from families to cover competition cost (varies by age and level of competition)
  • Enter team in appropriate league
  • Collect money from families to cover referee fees (varies by age and level of competition) and pay teh officials ahead of teh game on site
  • Collect money from families to cover any additional coaching cost (travel, etc. when needed)
  • Coordinate uniform jersey numbers, and ordering (Lloyds official supplier)
  • If team decides to go to a tournament, submit tournament roster at least 2 weeks in advance to club registrar (including any guest players who will need separate form/permission).
  • If team goes to a tournament you will also be responsible for going to that tournaments’ website to see what is required for check in. NOT ALL TOURNAMENTS ARE THE SAME.
  • If any competition or tournament is ‘Out of State’ additional fees are required by SCYS and the team should collect and submit those to the club registrar. Additional forms and permission are required to play outside of South Carolina (Charlotte, NC or Savannah, GA for example) so allow at least 3 weeks to process all documentation.

In addition to the club responsibilities above, each team competing in South Carolina Youth Soccer (SCYS) leagues and tournament competition will need to supply certain documents (player cards, roster, as examples) to referees and other game administrators from time to time. These are typically stored in a team folder and are the responsibility of the Manager to collect, update, and present to officials (on request).


For additional help or information, please contact club registrar at [email protected]