Competitive Player Openings for Spring 2023

Some specific teams have openings/gaps to fill for spring play with CASC. The following age group/gender/location teams have openings and might be a fit for your child; please contact the team representative listed directly to discuss next steps if you are interested.


Age bracket (birth year)LocationContactemail
U10 (2013)West AshleyAndrew Bergstrom[email protected]
U12 (2011)East CooperRhys Mallinger[email protected]


Age bracket (birth year)LocationContactemail
U11 (2012)East CooperDavid Tunesi[email protected]
U13 (2010)West AshleyKhoi Do[email protected]
U13 (2010)East CooperMegan Shelton[email protected]
U14 (2009)East CooperChris Tollison[email protected]