Micro Academy Rules

Size of Field: 30 x 20 yards (minimum)

Ball Size: U4 / U6 #3 U8 #4 Goal Size: 6 x 4 ft

4 vs. 4 with NO goalkeepers. Players will play the entire field as both defensive and offensive players. There are no goalies and there should not be a designated defensive player in front of the goal. If both teams have very large squads present (9-10+) and both teams agree, 5v5 can be played to afford adequate and equal playing time

Buildout line/approach. When the ball goes out of play for a goal kick, all attacking players must return to their
own half to provide space and time for the team in possession to put the ball into play and move out of the goal
area with no pressure (mirroring US Youth Soccer guidelines)

Substitutions: At any stoppage of play and unlimited

The Referee: Coaches will referee the games from the field. All infringements shall be briefly explained to the
offending player.

Length of Game: U6 and U8: Two (2) twenty (20) minute halves dived by a 5-minute half time.

Scoring: No score is kept for matches, and no league standings are published.

Absolutely no heading of the ball for any team: Per US and South Carolina Youth Soccer guidelines heading is not
allowed for any player at any level until U13 age group.

Offside, slide tackles, and penalty kicks: None

Fouls: The referee/coach must explain ALL infringements to the offending player. No yellow or red cards


To provide optimal player development, more touches on the ball and improve flow of the game.
No Throw-Ins, Goal Kicks, and Corner Kicks: Coaches always restart play by feeding in ball to team in possession; it improves directional play, it improves focus, it improves agility, and improves communication and teamwork.

Throw-Ins: Both feet on ground, two-hands on the ball, ball goes over head. An improperly performed throw-in
can be retaken

Goal Kicks, Corner Kicks and Free Kicks: All goal kicks, corner kicks and free kicks are direct. An improperly
performed corner kick (directly out of play) can be retaken.

At the conclusion of the game, based on safe and necessary (covid-19) pandemic protocols each team should
virtually ‘high-five’ and congratulate the opposing team from a safe (10 feet plus) distance. Please encourage your
families to immediately leave the sidelines after your game ends (cleaning up all trash and debris).

Finally, please remember that our league has a zero tolerance policy for abusive coaches or parents.
Coaches are responsible for maintaining and modeling good sportsmanship on their sidelines.

Last Updated 3/3/2022