Micro Academy U8 Girls Rosters

This page will list all children born in 2011/2012 (U8), who signed up for our Spring, 2019 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: [email protected]
It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly. You may also be one of a few later registered children we will place this week.

We also recognize there may be some missed special requests but most of those due to coaching changes and/or limited spaces on teams where chained dependencies exist (child A with Child B, with child C, etc. leaving too many on one team). It is important to note that we do not want to exceed 9 on a roster due to uniform supply and/or playing time concerns.

TEAM HALL (Bryan Hall coach)

Lainey Ebner
Emory Ebner
Aldyn Gage
Jessica Hall
Alexandra Harnig
Charlotte Kramer
Emerson Rhoads
Emma Claire Shealy
Ashlyn Vargha

TEAM REICHERT (Mike Reichert coach)

Anne Rollins Herndon
Blanton Herndon
Audrey Leon
Lauren Meany
Gabrielle Reichert
Avery Rosser
Genevieve Summers
Haley Warzynski
Sophia Young

TEAM ROUSE (Pendleton Rouse coach)

Addison Blevins
Ivy Cromedy
Charleston Hoover
Eleanor Merrell
Baylin Meyer
Elizabeth Rouse
Kathleen Smith
Addison Surman
Carly Wallace
Ella Webb

TEAM WILSON (Keith Wilson coach)

Annie Affourti
Maya Calderon
Karley Deaton
Leighton Gibbons
Emma Jones
Kennedy Lisiecka
Samantha OKeefe
Sloane Simon
Mckinley Wilson