Micro Academy U6 Girls Rosters

This page will list all girls born in 2014/2015 (U6), who signed up for our Fall, 2019 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: [email protected]

It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly. You may also be one of a few later registered children we will place this week.

New for 2019: This group will train and play as a pool each week.

We will host two hour sessions on Saturday mornings with the first hour dedicated to group training directed at providing the best opportunity for balanced, development minded training by our group of coaches. After a short break the girls will be divided and participate in small sided games to demonstrate their progress and newly learned skills.

These sessions will occur on Saturday mornings from 9.00 am – 11.00 am.

Trident Academy field 1 (top section)

Saturday September 21st to Saturday November 9th.

U6 Girls Coaches

  • Mike Edwards
  • Alex Fritts
  • Mike Oscarsson
  • Bethany Torimino

U6 Players

Ali Andrews
Addison Backlund
Mary Ball
Josephine Crompton
Olive Edwards
Ella Finley
Wren Fritts
Piper Johannesmeyer
Scarlett Johnson
Parker Johnston
Aubrey Jorgenson
Harper Matheys
Emma Mceachern
Madison Meade
Molly Murphey
Arora North
Emerson O’Brien
Maizy Oscarsson
Kathryn Petree
Callie Robinson
Tessa Smith
Emilia Stoneburner