Micro Academy U6 Boys Rosters

This page will list all children born in 2013/2014 (U6), who signed up for our Fall, 2018 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: [email protected]

It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly. You may also be one of a few later registered children we will place this week.

We also recognize there may be some missed special requests but most of those due to coaching changes and/or limited spaces on teams where chained dependencies exist (child A with Child B, with child C, etc. leaving too many on one team). It is important to note that we do not want to exceed 9 on a roster due to uniform supply and/or playing time concerns.

TEAM SCHRUERS (Joe Schreurs coach)
Julian Bridge
Joshua Denton
Colton Guest
Declan Kennedy
Robert Moran
Carter Roberts
Emmitt Schreurs
Logan Whitaker

TEAM REICHERT (Mike Reichert coach)
Jonathan Backlund
Grant Danko
John Foreman
Grady Howison
Nicolas Longnecker
Liana Paul
Zachary Reichert
Ian Roberts
Turner Whitwood

TEAM CRAWFORD (Matt Crawford coach)
Miller Collins
Charlie Condon
David Condon
Thomas Crawford
Alden Foy
Andrew Haile
Grant Schmidt
Griffin Stapleton
Benjamin Strenck

TEAM RYAN (John Ryan coach)
Andrew Biggs
Reis Buttrick
Landon Hirshman
Jake Hunter
Timothy Li
Paxton Mims
John Ryan
Liam Shelton
Jackson Smith
Caden Southall

TEAM CUSATI (Jason Cusati coach)
Edward Bellebaum
Connor Cusati
Ryder Doyle
Logan Gibbons
Davis Murphy
Luke Odachowski
Isaac Padgett
William ‘Cooper’ Rodgers

TEAM OGDEN (Ryan Ogden coach)
John Beckham
McLain Dufault
Bennett Hoagland
Benjamin Hursh
Sawyer Kelly
William New
Jake Ogden

TEAM DELANEY (Drew Delaney coach)
Anderson Delaney
Xavier Dreger
Emerson Helms
Lawson Lloyd
Benjamin McCants
Haylen O’Donnell
Harrison Stewart
Fisher Tharp

TEAM BOESCHEN (Nick Boeschen coach)
Jack Austin
Lincoln Baumstark
Quentin Boeschen
Andrew Bridges
Davis McAnnar
Joseph Nida
Hudson Sarkees
Luke Wiseman

TEAM MOOSE (Jeff ‘Moose’ Domico coach)
Jace Bridge
Ashton Cobb
Jackson Domico
Maxton Gangway
Davis Heyward
Sammy Pulsifer
Luke Semeraro

TEAM NIEMI (Kris Niemi coach)
Walker Carr
Rutledge Dingle
Brawley Dorrier
Mason Kassouf
Theodore Miller
Coleman Niemi
Connor Robinson
Bohdan Skwarek
August Wyatt