2020-2021 Evaluations

Cainhoy Athletic will start its evaluation and team forming activities on June 13th and last through June. We ask that all families who are interested in evaluations for the 2020-21 season, please fill out the Interest Form for Evaluations.

Players MUST bring

  • Own Water
  • Own Ball

Due to the impact of Coronavirus and social distancing guidance, parents are asked to remain in their car or leave once the player is signed in.

To reduce the time taken to sign in on the day of the event. It is important that advanced interest is registered using this form Interest Form for Evaluations.

We suggest each player attend only one session (again in recognition of social distancing guidelines and general prudence), unless Club coaching staff ask that you attend a second session for additional insight.
There are no fees or charge associated with our evaluation process.
Thank you.

      1455 Wakendaw Rd. Mount Pleasant SC 29464

Date Birth Year (Age Group) Time
Saturday June 13th 2002/2004  (U19/U17) 9.00 am
Saturday June 13th 2007 (U14) 11.30 am
Sunday June 14th 2005/2006 (U16/U15) 1.00 pm
Sunday June 14th 2008 (U13) 3.30 pm
Monday June 15th 2007 (U14) 6.00 pm
Tuesday June 16th 2008 (U13) 6.00 pm
Wednesday June 17th 2002/2004  (U19/U17) 6.00 pm
Thursday June 18th 2005/2006 (U16/U15) 6.00 pm
Saturday June 20th 2009 (U12) 9.00 am
Saturday June 20th 2010 (U11) 11.30 am
Saturday June 20th 2011 (U10) 2.00 pm
Sunday June 21st 2012 (U9) 1.00 pm
Monday June 22nd 2009 (U12) 6.00 pm
Tuesday June 23rd 2010 (U11) 6.00 pm
Wednesday June 24th 2011 (U10) 6.00 pm
Thursday June 25th 2012 (U9) 6.00 pm
Saturday June 27th 2013 (U8) 9.00 am

      1393 Miles Dr, Charleston, SC 29407

Date Age Group (Birth Year) Time
Saturday June 13th 2006 BOYS (15U) 11.00 am
Saturday June 13th 2007 BOYS (U14) 1.00 pm
Saturday June 13th 2008 BOYS (U13) 3.00 pm
Saturday June 13th 2009 BOYS (U12) 5.00 pm
Sunday June 14th 2010 BOYS (U11) 1.00 pm
Sunday June 14th 2011 BOYS (U10) 3.00 pm
Sunday June 14th 2012/2013 BOYS (U9/U8) 5.00 pm
Monday June 15th 2011 GIRLS (U10) 6.00 pm
Wednesday June 17th 2010 GIRLS (U11) 6.00 pm
Thursday, June 18th 2009 GIRLS (U12) 6.00 pm
Satruday June 20th 2009 GIRLS (U12) 12.00 pm

2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 Evaluations will be held at Trident Academy. See schedule above.

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