Registration for our Spring MICRO program is now CLOSED


U6/U8 Team training schedules:  U6 U8 Training Slots

Games: Saturdays, March 17 – May 5

Rules of the Game (Micro Academy): MICRO RULES

U4 (2014) Spring Rosters: micro academy u4 rosters

U4 (2014) Spring Game Schedules: U4 Micro Academy Schedules

U6 GIRLS  (2012-2013) Spring Rosters: micro academy u6 girls rosters

U6 GIRLS (2012-2013) Spring Game Schedules: U6 Girls Micro Academy Schedules

U6 BOYS (2012-2013) Spring Rosters: micro academy u6 boys rosters

U6 BOYS (2012-2013) Spring Game Schedules: U6 Boys Micro Academy Schedules

U8 (2010-2011) Spring Rosters: micro academy u8 rosters

U8 (2010-2011) Spring Game Schedules: U8 Micro Academy Schedules

A special note about the uniforms for this season. You will notice that every jersey for every player in our Micro Academy will receive a jersey with the number 19 on it.

This is not a mistake or oversight, but a simple gesture and memorial to help us remember and honor the dearly departed Sergio Gonzalez Camarillo, a player with our club who tragically passed away this January all too prematurely. Please join us with a prayer to his memory and thoughts for his poor grieving family who have been an integral part of the Mount Pleasant community for years.
We trust you will help honor his memory and life by asking each of our young children wearing this number (his favorite) to enjoy the game and have as much fun as they can.