Micro Academy U8 Rosters

This page will list all children born in 2010/2011 (U8), who signed up for our Spring, 2018 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: microacademy@cainhoyathletic.com

It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly.

We also recognize there may be some missed special requests but most of those due to coaching changes and/or limited spaces on teams where chained dependencies exist (child A with Child B, with child C, etc. leaving too many on one team). It is important to note that we do not want to exceed 10 on a roster due to uniform supply and/or playing time concerns.

GIRLS POOL (Managed by John Slick and Michael Petry coaches)

Ada Klick
Allison Forbes
Andrea Harnig
Ava Slick
Britton Fennell
Callie Caldwell
Chappell Boozer
Clara Borgmann
Elodie Schreurs
Emma Culbertson
Emory Ebner
Julianna D’Elia
Katherine Ryan
Katherine Gamble
Lillian Stiling
Lilly Biggs
Mary Culbertson
Mary Walker Russell
Mila Buttrick
Reagan Varn
Reese Sparks
Ryleigh Hunter
Teagan Haile
Victoria Cosgrove
Caroline Stewart
Caroline Pollock
Julianne Rosebrock
Khloe Burkeen
Madelyn Sullivan
Payton Pizzurro
Brianna Vargha
Ashlyn Vargha


TEAM BASINGER (Chris Basinger coach)

William Arent
Patrick Wojak
Jax Garner
Samuel Riley
William Ramsden
Brandt Basinger
Ryan Sumner
Samuel Gilchrist

TEAM SCHUSTER (John Mark Schuster coach)

Tanner Foss
Benjamin Phillips
Davis Padgett
Aidan Bailey
George Hall
Zane Greene
Robert Sims
Peyton Schuster
Henry Lane

TEAM CUMMINGS (Mac Cummins coach)

Charles Evans
Nolan Walchle
Tyler Russell
Jack Kramer
Benham Cummings
Daniel Carter
John Reilly
Lane Sweeney
Michael Firilas

TEAM OSCARSSON/YOUNG (Mike Oscarsson Jennifer Young asst.)

Porter Oscarsson
Quillen Townsend
Colin Kennedy
Ford Carmines
Benjamin Kramer
Grayson Young
Jayden Kwon
Carter Owens
Zach Motley
Andrew Motley

TEAM BOESCHEN (Nick Boeschen coach)

William Boeschen
Kyle Russell
Benjamin Wiseman
Oliver Conetta
James Blaschke
Gage Doyle
Jackson Williams
Finneas Conetta

TEAM JORDAN (Zach Jordan coach)

Jackson Jordan
Owen Young
Jameson Montgomery
Mills Montgomery III
David Stout
Andrew Wilson
Robert Wilson
William Crews
Cole Turner

TEAM SPURS (Nate Ball and Todd Weiser coaches)

Henry Clark
Sam Blankenship
George Miars
Nicholas Ball
Hunter Freeze
Jack Pitner
Coleman Wilson
Tyson Weiser
Caden Browning