Micro Academy U6 Girls Rosters

This page will list all children born in 2012/2013 (U6), who signed up for our Spring, 2018 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: microacademy@cainhoyathletic.com

It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly.

We also recognize there may be some missed special requests but most of those due to coaching changes and/or limited spaces on teams where chained dependencies exist (child A with Child B, with child C, etc. leaving too many on one team). It is important to note that we do not want to exceed 10 on a roster due to uniform supply and/or playing time concerns.

TEAM HERNDON (Will Herndon coach)

Vivian Bohrnstedt
Sydney Manheimer
Anne Rollins Herndon
Blanton Herndon
Laney Staten
Anna Turner
Gracie Klick
Evelyn Mercer
Mary Lucy

TEAM HALL (Bryan Hall coach)

Alexandra Harnig
Alexandra Maltezos
Aldyn Gage
Jessica Hall
Ever Fiveash
Rowan Coward
Charlotte Kramer
Elizabeth Shaver
Evelyn Garcia

TEAM CUMMINGS (Mac Cummings coach)

Miller Cummings
Camilla Fogliano
Leighton Gibbons
Annie Affourti
Lilian Maxwell
McKinley Wilson
Ivy Cromedy
Farrah Young
Sophie Robertson

TEAM ROSS (Mike Ross coach)

Sloane Simon
Baker McAnnar
Elizabeth Bennett
Caroline Greene
Sullivan Cole
Abigail Corning
Sloan Booth
Hadley Puig
Karley Deaton
Anneslee Dota

TEAM EDJOO (Raoul Edjoo coach)

Presley Grayson
Reese Dyer
Lainey Ebner
Abigail Dreger
Alexa Baumstark
Maria Cristina Edjoo
Peyton Hudson
Audrey Leon
Anna Claire Wilson

Isabella Hewitt
Ella Yarborough
Mary Ellis Bryan

TEAM JORDAN (Zach Jordan asst.)

Charlotte Jordan
Reese Sturdivant
Selah Brownstein
Mallory Jeffers
Genevieve Summers
Pelia Pham
Addison Blevins
Penelope Sims