Micro Academy U6 Boys Rosters

This page will list all children born in 2012/2013 (U6), who signed up for our Spring, 2018 MICRO ACADEMY program.

If you have registered, but do not see your child’s name below, please be patient and email us at: microacademy@cainhoyathletic.com

It could be a simple oversight/error on our part and can be corrected quickly.

We also recognize there may be some missed special requests but most of those due to coaching changes and/or limited spaces on teams where chained dependencies exist (child A with Child B, with child C, etc. leaving too many on one team). It is important to note that we do not want to exceed 10 on a roster due to uniform supply and/or playing time concerns.

TEAM SMITH (Bart Smith coach)

Thomas Mccants
Coleman Smith
Samuel Haney
Hudson Schlueter
Ella Webb
George Levesque
Hudson Shults
Jacob Sexton
Jackson Parker

TEAM WHITLEY (Brandon Whitley coach)

Sanford Brownstein
Alexander Haws
Tyler Dufault
Thomas Meany
Sutton Whitley
Lauren Meany
Haley Warzynski
Andy Hendricks
August Wyatt
Harrison Stewart

TEAM PIESNER (Brian Piesner coach)

Nicholas Rivera
Jaxson Piesner
Walton Young
Joseph Dinkins
Jack Austin
Nolan Patel
Miller King
James Williams
Harrison Kelly
George Chandler

TEAM TRIPLETT (Danny Triplett coach)

Joseph Rosebrock
Oliver Snyder
Lucas Coopersmith
Brady Webster
Dean Trudeau
John Kleckley
Charlie Pilsworth
Luke Triplett

TEAM CUSATI (Jason Cusati and David Heilman coaches)

Connor Cusati
Jack Hodges
William New
Kyle Burkeen
Henry Benetti
Haylen O’Donnell
Quentin Boeschen
Luke Wiseman
Hudson Heilman

TEAM SCHREURS (Joe Schreurs coach)

Owen Kelley
Declan Kennedy
Julian Bridge
Logan Whitaker
Hudson Orum
Emmitt Schreurs
Russell Crews
Jake Hunter
Reis Buttrick

TEAM CRAWFORD (Matt Crawford coach)

Andrew Haile
Easton Riedel
Brady Kienzle
Banner Quarles
Benjamin Kramer
Keaton Walchle
Thomas Crawford
James Bradley

TEAM PINKEL(Matt Pinkel coach)

Ryan Wilson
Lincoln Baumstark
Luke Pinkel
Lucas Pillot
James Lowry
Abe Turner
Coy Turner
Finnegan Potter
Davis Murphy

TEAM REICHERT (Mike Reichert coach)

Landon Howison
Landon Hirshman
Zachary Reichert
Gabrielle Reichert
Liana Paul
Keating Walker
Grady Howison
Chase McMickle
Austin Rossi
Nash Parsons

TEAM RING (Peter Ring coach)

Kellan Smith
Jonathan Backlund
Turner Whitwood
Hunter Moran
Paxton Mims
Robert Ring
James Shaw
Logan Gibbons

TEAM OGDEN (Ryan Ogden coach)

Bennett Hoagland
Benjamin Hursh
Jake Ogden
Paxton Coaxum
Michael Reilly
John Beckham
Declan Fogliano
Owen Wright
Sawyer Fournier
Mason Eikevik

TEAM SEAMON/LEINEWEBER (Eric Leineweber and Russ Seamon coaches)

Tate Leineweber
Henry Seamon
Rutledge Dingle
Charlie Condon
Sam Boozer
Logan Dunn
Drew Everett
Myer Matheys
Benjamin Cooke

TEAM NIXON-PARKER (Mindy Nixon-Parker coach)

Nate Parker
Henry Sumner
Carter Williams
Logan Skorupa
Parker Watson
Paxton Smetana
Caden Ledford
Andrew Kennickell